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Welcome to Café Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant
Here you will enjoy the finest Ethiopian Cuisine in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. You will always receive a warm welcome and vibrant Ethiopian dishes served with pride and elegance. An Ethiopian meal is an experience.We serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Delightfully different, we offer award-winning, unique and great tasting cuisine. Café Lalibela was voted "Best Vegetarian Restaurant" of Phoenix by the New Times and "Best of Phoenix One of a Kind Exotic Ethnic Restaurant" by the Arizona Republic.
Our traditional Ethiopian cuisine consists of "injera" and "wat". Injera (pronounced in-jeer-ah) is a crepe like, sourdough tasting bread. It is made from "teff", a grain indigenous to Ethiopia. Wat (pronounced what) is a stew like sauce, which can be made from vegetables, meat or both. The meal is eaten by tearing off a piece of injera with your hands, scooping up some wat with it and enjoying.

In Ethiopia (as here), the meal is served on a piece of injera, which is laid on a platter. Various types of wats are placed on top of the injera. The platter is then placed in the middle of a group for all to share.

For catering, takeout and reservations, please call 480.829.1939
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